Compliance is critical for the healthcare industry today and
not just an asset.

With digital documentation, replacing manual paper-based methods, health related information is transmitted electronically, thereby increasing security concerns related to transferring of electronic health information.

This is because no matter what your app is about, it has to be compliant with healthcare protocols. Stay compliant with the help of Folio3’s HIPPA compliant app development services for web and mobile solutions in the healthcare space.
With years of experience designing and developing healthcare applications, our expert team will help you build the most robust and secure application platforms for your healthcare needs. As your Co-Technology Founder, we will facilitate you in transforming and securing your healthcare initiatives and solutions.

HIPAA Compliant Mobile
App Development

We offer customized HIPAA compliant mobile app development of the highest caliber to fit your healthcare requirements. Our dedicated healthcare mobile app development team works relentlessly making sure we end up with innovative and powerful HIPPA compliant apps tailored to your needs.

HIPAA Compliant Web
App Development

We provide task-driven HIPAA compliant web applications and other healthcare software solutions. Our secure web app solutions can be customized to suit your requirements with your data being stored in the cloud.

HIPAA Compliant

Our web software solutions are tailor-made to your requirements and compliant with processing requirements such as Protected Health Information (PHI), and others specified in HIPAA regulations. We help design a secure and compliant infrastructure for your web and mobile applications and we offer complete technical support round the clock.

HIPAA Compliance

We embed HIPAA compliant audit systems into the web and mobile applications we build, which allow you to perform thorough audits of every access to any healthcare information, making sure that we are abiding by all the regulations as listed by HIPAA. We also enable audit trails so that every access of healthcare data is accounted for whether authorized or unauthorized.

Our Process

We have a streamlined process that ends up with the HIPAA compliant apps with you. It starts with an idea that comes from your end, and we brainstorm after understanding your requirements and come up with wireframes. After further discussion with you on the wireframes, we build a prototype and further discuss MVP specifications with you before delivering you an MVP. At every step, we make sure that we are abiding by HIPAA regulations so that your data is completely secure, and with regular HIPAA compliance audits, no violations are made.

Requirement Analysis
and Scoping

Identifying the PHI and PII data and its relevance and usage in the application and system.

Architecture Designing

Determining HIPAA compliant services in relation to deployment requirements (AWS, Azure, Rackspace, In-house deployment etc)

Architecture Design

Selecting appropriate backend and front end technologies/frameworks along with database and encryption algorithms.

Security Analysis of

Evaluating all necessary security aspects related to HIPAA in the infrastructure architecture of the application.

and Stress Testing

Testing the performance of the infrastructure in different environments to ensure all requirements are fulfilled.
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